Stanway Close, Rayleigh Road and Coppice Path have been nominated for two awards for each project at the 2019 LABC Building Excellence Awards, within the London Region Finals.

The London Borough of Redbridge is delighted with the finished product for all 23 units. All projects were completed on schedule, ensuring that Aspen and LBRC working relationship kept their 100% handover (as per contract agreement) and 0% defects on handover.

The budget requirements were met, any additional works were agreed in time and Aspen informed the client that the additional works would be completed with no additional time extensions. Aspen has also introduced local employment schemes – where we used local builder’s merchants – and all supply chain members had to employ at least two local operatives.

Furthermore, we undertook quarterly surveys from the local residents, to gauge their opinions of the site and the way Aspen worked with the local community. We got positive feedback, achieving 40 marks out of 50 for Considerate Constructor. The Council also had a PR event, in which the head counsellor from Redbridge made a speech about the quality of the project.

The most rewarding part of all three projects is proving quality homes for those who need it the most. These three projects have received positive feedback from local residents, who at the start of the project were anxious about how the development would affect their day-to-day lives and what inconvenience the development would also have. It is also rewarding to know that the crime rate in this area has dropped substantially and that families who are in desperate need of not only a shelter, but a place they can call home, now have that, which in turn has also created a whole new family atmosphere in the community. The project has had a lasting effect with the involvement from local residents, schools, business and the council.

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