Three Peaks, Four staff and over £3000 raised for Wellchild, Well done team Aspen!

On the 13th July 2018 most people were thinking of winding down for the weekend, however our four strong team were about to embark on one of the biggest challenges they had ever faced, the three peaks challenge! lined up at the start of the challenge at 10am the team were all eager to put the months of hard gym time and training to the practice.

The challenge consisted of conquering the three highest peaks in the UK with a time period of around 32hrs, not only was the physical endurance going to test their resolve but also the 36hrs of little to no sleep. starting at Snowdon at 3,209 ft this was the shortest of climbs, followed by an overnight trek up scaffel pyke 3,560 ft with a finale at Ben Nevis “The Ben” 4,409 ft before a much earned and needed bath! At 18:00 on the 13th July, With minimal sleep, 72,000 steps, 32km trekked and over 6000m of vertical climb or decent endured, the challenge was successfully completed by the team, not without a lot of pain and some injuries.

The team consisted of Dean Haskins, Adam Cummings, Jessica Betts and Sean McDonald and thanks to Wellchild and all the volunteer Guides that made it all possible.

Sponsorship can still be made on the following link:

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