As with all of the actions we take in life, we must consider their implications on the world and people around us, will the ripples of what we choose to do, or often more importantly, choose not to do, offer something for us to be proud of? This is a question we ask ourselves daily at Aspen Build (East Anglia) Ltd. With all of our developments we endeavour, and we succeed, at ensuring that we are at the forefront of sustainable development, this means exploring new ways for homes to use less potable water, by using grey water harvesting systems, utilising solar panels to supplement a home’s power supply, and ensuring all of our materials are sourced responsibly. It has always been a part of our philosophy that sustainability should be implemented by design, it is not something you can buy later from the shop. For the home owner it should be effortless, and if a truly sustainable design is in place from the beginning, it often is.


Code for Sustainable Homes

Level 3 of code for sustainable homes is now incorporated into building regulations, many local councils require developers to comply with the code in their planning policy, not to mention that all affordable housing is required to be built to code 3 of sustainable homes. With this in mind Aspen Build (East Anglia)Ltd. Are proud to offer compliance with Code For Sustainable Homes up to code 6, the highest level of sustainability. This is largely achieved by working closely with our team of architects to come up with a scheme that meets both the clients needs, and the Code For Sustainable Homes.

Passivhaus – Purleigh Avenue May 2015 

In May 2015 we begin our first Passivhaus project, Passivhaus is a radically innovative idea that is very much in its infancy but shows a lot of promise. For the first time since the mid 19th century, homes will be developed without central heating systems. Passivhaus works using the internal heat gains (body heat, appliances etc.) as well as solar gains, to achieve an initial temperature, this temperature is then maintained using exceptionally high quality insulation, minimal thermal bridges and the lowest possible air permeability. If executed successfully this can reduce costs by 80% compared with a standard dwelling. This is an enormous leap in sustainability, and it is one that Aspen Build (East Anglia) Ltd. Is looking forward to take. We offer the Passivhaus service to all of our clients looking to address fuel poverty in the UK.


Here at Aspen Build (East Anglia) Ltd. We ensure that all of our materials are sustainably sourced, The best example of this is that all of the timber from our timber frames to our door linings are sourced using a method that does not contribute to deforestation.

We Insist that all timber resourced has a FSC®, PEFC Certificatation, A process referred to as a “Chain of Custody” is a process that, using independent auditing, rigorously documents and tracks certified timber from the forest to final point of incorporation into a buildings fabric.

Company Vehicles and Plant

Here at Aspen Build we are proud to commit the company to ensuring all company vehicles operating on UK roads from 2015 are all vehicles with Co2 emissions of less than 100g/km, we have also committed to only hiring plant and equipment that is no older than 24 months as this will ensure the least environmentally impacting plant is used.

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