Location: Huntingdon
Sector: Residential - Market Sale
Client: Almaren Homes Ltd
Value: £4.5 million
Duration: 56 weeks
Completed: July 2016

This scheme comprised of 56 private sale units all completed to a high specification along with external remodelling to both the façade of the building and the existing car park to bring them in line with a residential development. The existing building covered a footprint of approximately 2750m2.

This building was previously a large office building and our first task was to undertake an extensive soft strip demolition programme consisting of the removal of all previous plant and equipment including an internal substation, loft space water storage vessel and all Asbestos from the building, therefore removing all residual risks from the building. This was done to allow the design team access to assess the existing structural characteristics and compliance to the new design layouts.

The remodelling and design of this scheme was made particularly difficult due to the shape of the existing building, the building had lots of angle changes and varying heights along with previous features that the client wanted incorporated into the scheme including a 7m high roof light within the corridor of one wing.

Logistics of the project were challenging as the existing structure would only facilitate limited loadings during the construction process which led to enforced loading out procedures and waste control. Another logistical issue was the limitations the building offered with three aspects bordering adjoining land, public parks or footpaths. This resulted in all materials being loaded through particular flats that had to be built last to ensure materials could be distributed at each floor level.

Key features

  • Office to residential conversion
  • High spec city living apartments
  • Complex remodel

The scheme saw the introduction of a new cold water storage tank that had to be positioned on a strengthened ground floor slab complete with boosted main that then had to pass to each apartment and the boiler room at roof level before being distributed throughout the building via a communal heating system to each apartment. Each apartment was fitted with a HIU that then converted to heating or hot water demand to suit the end user’s needs. Localised ventilation systems were installed and vented for each apartment, provided by a system 3 ventilation unit. Access control was also a key feature of the security system installed in the building with each wing and floor being controlled independently.

Sustainability was achieved by the upgrading of existing windows, with new more efficient windows. We also incorporated additional insulation into the existing structure such as floors, roof voids and external walls to improve the performance and U-values of all elements of the existing structure.

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